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Onjuku Beach in Chiba – Where to Stay and What to Do

Before summer ended, I wished to travel in a  place where I could just relax or somewhere I could regain my sanity, then I thought of the sand and the waves, I thought of going to the beach instead, I checked on the internet if and where the most convenient beaches to go in Chiba Prefecture are and then Onjuku Beach caught my eye. Onjuku Beach is only a ten minute walk from Onjuku Station. The beach will welcome you with a big cactus tree saying “Amigo Onjuku”.

A Big Cactus Sign will welcome you “Amigo Onjuku”

Onjuku Beach is two hours away from Tokyo and one hour from Chiba. The sand is slightly white and since the beach has big waves, the majority of people you could see were surfers. Even if you haven’t tried surfing yet, seeing people who surf may excite you to learn! There are shops right along the shore where you can rent a surfboard, perhaps making it the best summer experience for you this year! But, if you are not into surfing and would just love to go to relax and to walk along the ocean, Onjuku would still be a good place for you.

The waves in this beach are good for surfers. Photo by fto mizno on Flickr.

Early morning walks along the ocean are so refreshing. The waves are very calming.

Where To Stay

This hotel and resort is actually one of the best looking hotels along the beach of Onjuku. It is a family friendly hotel and has a panoramic view of the ocean, you will be able to hear the waves from your room. In this relaxing and peaceful place you can also enjoy reading a book, drinking a coffee, or just simply enjoying the ocean breeze or the sunset.  I visited this place before summer season came, but I feel well satisfied with the waves and the comfort of the hotel. It was indeed the relaxation I needed.

A very cool view from the deck.

You can also enjoy breakfast in their open deck terrace or in their restaurant with the beautiful view of the ocean and the pool. During summer season, their Route 38 Cafe is open, in here, you can enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, and cold beer! Are there really many things better than drinking beer on the beach? Their jacuzzi is also open only during summer season. 

Sayan Terrace Hotel And Resort website

Address:  2163 Hama, Onjuku-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture

Phone: 0470-68-7711

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hula Hana Cafe and Restaurant

This is a Hawaiian inspired surf cafe and restaurant which is only a five minute walk from Sayan Terrace Hotel, this cafe is one of the best recommended cafe and restaurants nearby, the interior is very colorful, you will see some surfboards hanging on the wall, Aloha paintings and Hawaiian music in the background giving you a thoroughly Hawaiian atmosphere. The owner of this restaurant is also very friendly.

I really enjoyed my time here. I tried their pancakes and they are really so tasty! The costs is budget friendly, I also tried my first ever Hawaiian beer, of course it tasted great! I will surely go back to this restaurant when I have the chance to be back in Onjuku again.

Address: 558 Hama, Onjuku-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture 299-5107

Hours: 11:00 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 20:00

Water Park

Just 10 mins from Sayan Terrace Hotel and a minute away from the beach, there is a pool facility.

You can choose from a toddler pool, running water pool, multi-purpose pool and a river rafting slide for toddlers, children and adults. It is a good place for families who want to enjoy both the swimming pool and the beach.

Address: Suga 2208, Onjuku-cho, Issumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture

Open Season: mid-July to late August

Hours: 9 am to 5pm

Parking: Visitors can use the nearby municipal parking lot. (Ordinary car or kei car: 1000 yen; large vehicle: 3000 yen; two-wheeled vehicle: 300 yen)

I went back to the city having a satisfied heart from my trip to Onjuku. My dream is to visit more beaches in Japan and would love to share more. Have an wonderful summer trip!

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