Writer: Sleiman Azizi

Sleiman dreams of being a sushi chef. Or a soba one. He isn't quite sure yet which one but after first moving to Japan in 2001, Sleiman discovered that it was okay to write. A few books later and well over 100 articles both in his native Australia and Japan, Sleiman - despite an interest in Noh theatre, mountains and his family - still drools over good sushi and soba.

Riding the Sky – Top 10 Places to See Along the Tobu Skytree Line

Tokyo’s train system is borderline miraculous. Its almost 900 train stations serviced by over 120 lines makes for perfect sightseeing opportunities with visitors able to explore Tokyo along any one or more of these train lines. One such line is the Tobu Skytree Line. With 30 train stations extending from Tokyo’s famous downtown to the sprawling countryside of southern Saitama Prefecture, the 114km of the Tobu Skytree Line offers scores of places to visit.

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