A Nostalgic Visit to an Old Home: Return to Okayama

The overall ambience of Okayama City seems to have become decidedly more cosmopolitan since I lived there. And this is absolutely a positive step forward for the city. As one of the perceived “less interesting” prefectures in Japan for foreign tourists, there was plenty of evidence on show of a clear and concerted effort by the City of Okayama to engage with tourists and found out what attracts them to the area.

Mysterious Maki-do Cave

In the hot and humid Japanese summer it is nice to find ways to escape the heat. A trip to a beautiful natural limestone Makido cave in Okayama prefecture is a great choice for a day trip! Pack your bags, summer is here, let's escape.

Kibiji Cycling Trail

Okayama is the prefecture nestled a little further west of Osaka and Kyoto and is often called the 'land of sunshine' due to its good weather. This cycling route allows you to stop off at temples, shrines and offers amazing sakura cherry blossom viewing opportunities.

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