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Interior ceiling of Tokyo Camii

Mosques around Japan

In 2010 there were 100.000 Muslims living in Japan. The number of tourists visiting Japan from Muslim countries is also rising up each year. It is projected that it will reach more than 1 million in 2020.

Halal Ramen in Kyoto

A popular Japanese food, Ramen, is found in shops at every street corner in Japan. Mostly ramen is prepared in a broth that uses pork meat and broth from it, while in some shops chicken is often used. For Muslim tourists in Japan it is most unlikely to experience the flavours of a bowl of conventional Japanese ramen. Narita-ya and Ayam-ya are two Japanese halal ramen restaurants that serve delicious bowls of ramen, worth a try.

Hungry For Halal? My Top 3 Muslim-friendly Osaka Restaurants

Japan, the dream travelling destination for so many, has a very small percentage of Muslim residents, mostly students or workers from Muslim countries. Nevertheless, the number of Muslim tourists, especially from neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia, has been increasing yearly, making it necessary for Japan to accommodate the basic needs of these tourists.

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