Writer: Anissa Ratna Putri

Anissa is an Indonesian who currently having her master in Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. She is an environmental engineer with focus on waste recycling. Besides her daily life as a student, she enjoy exploring new places and taking pictures of them. Her dream is to visit all prefectures in Japan and collect all Japan gotochi cards.

5 Coffee Shops in Kyoto Worth Visiting

As coffee becomes more popular nowadays, it is not rare to find someone craving for a cup of coffee in the morning before they start the day–even while they are traveling. Luckily, Kyoto has several coffee shops that offer its tourist wide range of choice – from the local one to the multinational one. Here are five coffee shops in Kyoto you may want to consider to visit before you start your day exploring Arashiyama or Kiyomizu-dera.

Halal Ramen in Kyoto

A popular Japanese food, Ramen, is found in shops at every street corner in Japan. Mostly ramen is prepared in a broth that uses pork meat and broth from it, while in some shops chicken is often used. For Muslim tourists in Japan it is most unlikely to experience the flavours of a bowl of conventional Japanese ramen. Narita-ya and Ayam-ya are two Japanese halal ramen restaurants that serve delicious bowls of ramen, worth a try.

Miho Museum

Two of my friends planned to go to a museum called “Miho Museum” in Shiga. When I asked what is so special about the museum, one of my friends who is an architect said the architect who designed the museum was a famous one.

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