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Halal Ramen in Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo. When you hear Asakusa, instantly the “Kaminari Mon” or the ‘Thunder Gate’, might cross your mind. It is a huge lantern hanging onto the entrance to the Asakusa temple with the word “Thunder” or “Kaminari” written on the lantern. Asakusa shrine or the Sensō-ji / Sensō temple is one of the main Buddhist shrines  in Japan. That’s why it is always crowded, even though, I visited it on a weekday.


One of my recommended Ramen (Japanese signature noodles) restaurant in Tokyo is very close to this temple. Especially if you are Muslim, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right place to eat in Asakusa. A restaurant called Naritaya Ramen is serves the best Halal Ramen, I have ever had in Tokyo!


Halal, literally means food prepared exclusive of any ingredients that are forbidden in Islam, such as pork, lard, alcohol, etc. This also includes chicken and beef that is slaughtered in an Islamic way. Naritaya ramen uses all halal ingredients. It also has the halal certificate issued by the Halal Community in Japan.

The restaurant provides fresh noodles (prepared using domestic wheat) that is made at their own factory. The ramen soup is from the halal chicken-based flavor and all the ingredients are carefully selected items. They serve severals type of ramen, you can choose the set or just go for an ala carte menu.


Not just ramen, recently the restaurant has introduced a new menu that includes a Wagyu Beef Bowl!! Already imagining the wagyu? Need not worry because it is halal which means Muslim visitors can try it! Awesome!! The price for the beef bowl starts from 1000for a small bowl and 700for the halal ramen.

The place is actually very near to the Senso-ji temple, right in front of the main temple, turn left and then you'll find a big shopping arcade street, the Naritaya halal ramen is within the arcade to your right. It is just 2 shops away from the nearest entrance for the arcade near the temple.

The owner is very nice and welcoming. A prayer room with a place to perform the wudlu (washing hands and feet before the Muslim prayer) is also available for Muslim visitors.


The must-eat food at Naritaya is the Karaage, you can order it in a set or just ala carte for only 300¥ for 3 pieces of delicious karaage.


After you finish your meal, do try their rice and red bean ice cream and also taste the pudding or the Asakusa yaki for dessert.


Here is the full address for you to stop by, if you happen to be near Asakusa.

Asakusa Naritaya

Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa | Nishisando Shotengai Arcade, Taito 111-0032, Tokyo Prefecture (Asakusa)

 Phone: +81 3-4285-9806

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