Writer: Hicha Aquino

Hi, everyone! I’m from Indonesia and now living in Kobe while finishing my studies. I’ve been in Japan since 2012. I love traveling and enjoy watching dorama. I want to travel around Japan and explore more, but got to prioritize my research otherwise I can’t graduate, lol! It’s OK, don’t worry, living in a country with a different culture can be very fun and adds to your life experience and knowledge. Let’s enjoy Japan! 🙂   

Strolling Around Kobe's Kitano Street: Explore Western Heritage

Nowadays, Kitano-cho or Kitano streets or usually called as Kitano Ijinkan-gai (北野異人館街) is an area where several western heritages were left. Unlike many places in Japan, strolling around this area brings us to a different old-western atmosphere. There were 300 houses of foreigner houses before which was deteriorated by war and just 30 left with less than 20 houses open for public.

Interior ceiling of Tokyo Camii

Mosques around Japan

In 2010 there were 100.000 Muslims living in Japan. The number of tourists visiting Japan from Muslim countries is also rising up each year. It is projected that it will reach more than 1 million in 2020.

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