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Ryugashi Cave - Hamamatsu

Ryugashi-Do is an hour’s bus ride from Hamamatsu. It was opened to the public in 1983, after explorers widened the cracks in the limestone to allow access and cleared away rubble. The length of the cave is about 1000 metres but only around 400 metres are developed and accessible to tourists. The stalagmites and stalactites at Ryugashido have been given whimsical names and are artfully lit so they appear resemble real things.

Mysterious Maki-do Cave

In the hot and humid Japanese summer it is nice to find ways to escape the heat. A trip to a beautiful natural limestone Makido cave in Okayama prefecture is a great choice for a day trip! Pack your bags, summer is here, let's escape.

Planning an itinerary to Okinawa? Don't forget to add Gyokusendo Cave to your list!

“Okinawa World - Gyokusendo”, is a 40 year old popular tourist attraction to the South of Okinawa. Inside the cave, is a Blue Spring which resembles the “Blue Grotto” of Italy, and recreates a remarkable world lying underneath. Photo walk through some of the best sights offered by Okinawa World and Gyokusendo cave. Gyokusendo is an interesting limestone cave. Let's proceed deeper into the illuminated cave. The cave was discovered by a research team of the Ehime University, who later installed the scaffoldings to make it accessible for tourists. The cave winds its way beneath the ground and is completely of Limestone. Limestone is said to grow 3mm (0.1in) a […]

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