Thrilling Cave Adventure at Akiyoshi Limestone Cave, Yamaguchi Prefecture!

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Akiyoshi Cave in Mine City of Yamaguchi, is Japan’s largest limestone cavern. Earlier, this limestone cave had no formal name and was known as “Takiana” or “Waterfall Hole”; but later in 1926, it was named “Akiyoshi Cave” by the Crown Prince (soon to be Showa Emperor) during a visit.

そらみみ (Soramimi)

Many unique flora and fauna of the Shizuoka region, such as gammaridea, bats, trichinae, etc will draw your attention if you look carefully into the waters or along the walls of the caves.

Pick up either of the two courses; a “Romance Exploration of Akiyoshi Darkness” or an “Akiyoshi Cave Adventure Course” that takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour as the cavern is quite long.

Romance Exploration of Akiyoshi Darkness


Visitors are greeted by the “Ao-Tenjou “ or “Blue Ceiling” at the entrance. Named after it was observed that the sunrays falling on the surface of the water reflected as bluish white light all along the ceilings making it look ethereal.

Photo:tatakaba_jp on flickr

“100 Saucers” – a popular place of interest.


“Mt. Fuji Inside the Cave” in the large garden.

Photo:tatakaba_jp on flickr

The “Golden Pillar” depicts its history of formation by the gigantic size of its mineral column.

Akiyoshi Cave Adventure Course (Admission Fee)


The adventure begins when you climb up a ladder.


After climbing up the ladder, you will encounter a Six Jizo statue (Buddhist guardian of children).


Be careful not to hit your head while passing through the holes and tunnels of the cave.


”Ascetic Practice Site” is the highest location during the entire adventure course.

Photo:Russavia on Wikimedia Commons

A look up at the starry night and you’ll see a rays of light that leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

Both courses will let your adrenaline rushing and give you have an amazing experience.

3506-2 Akiyoshi Shuho-cho, Mine City
Open Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Open All Year Round
Access: 45 minutes by bus from JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station or 1 hour by car from Ube Airport.

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