Travel in time at Ginzan Hot Spring Town

photo:Syuzo Tsushima on Flickr

Located in Obanazawa, Yamagata Prefecture, the Ginzan Hot Spring town looks just like an old movie set. Beautiful traditional wooden inns are aligned on both sides of the Ginzan River, creating a spectacular scenery, especially at night when buildings are illuminated.

photo:ume-y on Flickr

photo:ume-y on Flickr

After enjoying the hot springs and public bath, we recommend visiting the nearby Shirogane park. The park has many interesting attractions such as the 22-meter-high Shirogane-no-taki waterfalls and the Nobezawa Silver Mine Cave, where you can take a tour inside the illuminated mine tunnels. Actually, the area was named “Ginzan” (silver mountain) because of a silver mine that was discovered about 500 years ago.


photo:ume-y on Flickr

Access :
From the Oishida station of the JR Yamagata Shinkansen, take the bus for Ginzan Onsen. Buses run every 60-90 minutes and the journey takes about 35 minutes.

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