TeamLab Planets Tokyo – Become Part of the Art

On your trip to Tokyo, there is one must-see museum that will change the way you see art, creativity and forever raise the bar for museum visits! It’s called TeamLab Planets Tokyo and is one of the most sought out museums in the world. Welcome to a completely new experience of art work. Digital art and whole body immersive combine and create an unforgettable visit.

Photo by momo..momo on Flickr.

Here is what awaits you: There are 4 exhibitions and 7 art works in the museum. As you enter, you will find an area with lockers and changing rooms where you can store your bags and take off your shoes. The visitors go through the museum completely barefoot. The theme of the museum is experience. Some rooms are covered with water, others have mirrors or pillows as flooring. 

Relax and unwind in the "Soft black hole".

One of the rooms is a bean-bag room, there is no stable ground, only shapeable pillows. You jump into the ocean of beanbags as you enter and and the exit can only be reached through crawling. A great room to relax and rewind and even to take a quick 30 seconds nap.

The koi pond and the always changing art. Photo by Kanesue on Flickr.

My favorite experience is the Dance of Koi and People. It is a room that’s covered with water that reaches up to your knees. The digital art produces fish onto the murky water surface. The art however is not controlled through an algorithm but is completely dependent on the interaction of the visitor. When a koi fish is touched, it dissolves into flower peddles. The art is never the same and never repeats itself. It is always moving and changing. When I realized this and went through the exhibitions a second time, I was in awe and spent even longer with the kois. The same art is displayed in the Falling Universe of Flowers, where you lie down on a smooth glass surface and watch flowers on the ceiling float and burst into hundreds of peddles.

Stand in the midst of this beautiful universe of lights and mirrors. 

Another great exhibit is the Transforming Space. It’s a bright room with huge white bouncy balls that take on the colors of different lights which shine from all corners. The relaxing music and the bursts of wind make you feel like standing on top of a mountain or on a windy meadow. Lean into the big, squishy balls and be refreshed and soothed.

The transforming space. A room of colors and balls. Photo by momo..momo on Flickr.

If you look up #teamlabplanets on social media, most pictures you will find show visitors posing in the Infinite Crystal Universe with hundreds of space-like lights that hang from a mirrored ceiling. The lights change brightness with the music and give the feeling of walking through a glassy universe of stars. After this room I felt really calm and at peace.

TeamLab Planets Tokyo is a wonderful experience for your senses. You will feel refreshed, inspired and excited as you leave. A ticket costs 3200 Yen. TeamLab actually started in 2011 in Tokyo and prides itself on being the first digital art museum in the world. Since then it has expanded all over the world with museums in New York, London, Singapore, Sidney, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Geneva and Palo Alto. Many celebrities seek out this special museum when coming to Tokyo, since TeamLab is known for its innovative, creative and one-of-a-kind exhibitions. TeamLab’s works are even part of permanent art galleries all over the world, like in Australia, Finland, America, Turkey and New South Wales.

As you step into TeamLab Planets Tokyo you become part of the art. It is never the same and always changing, because you are in it.

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