Enjoying the Excitement of Autumn at The University of Tokyo

In spring, Tokyo looks beautiful decorated with cherry blossoms. Well now it’s autumn’s turn and Tokyo is no less mesmerizing with trees with leaves that start to turn yellow before finally falling during winter. It may be hard to imagine, but I found a lovely spot to enjoy the autumn at The University of Tokyo and it’s one of my favorites!

The University of Tokyo, which has been established since 1877, is located in Bunkyo city and is one of the campus complexes that is often visited by local residents to simply relax in it’s several parks or bring their children to play around the beautiful and spacious complex. Autumn is a special time when the campus is also visited by foreign tourists too.

You can see rows of Ginkgo trees with yellowing leaves in several spots throughout the campus around late November until early December which is the peak time to see it. My recommended spot which is very popular among the visitors is the row of Ginkgo trees along the road that goes from the Main Gate of the campus to the Yasuda Auditorium which is a symbol of this university.

For those who love to take photos, you will be spoiled with the beautiful scenery here. These falling yellow leaves are so beautiful combined with the European style building as the backdrop, left and right sides of this street are indeed so beautiful to simply be seen or captured by your phone or camera. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your handphone or camera with a full battery to maximize your photo time.

What’s amazing is that you don’t need to pay an entrance fee for a fun walk or photo session here.

Typically you want to catch the evening sunlight to get the best lighting for your photo but I have to remind you that during November and December in Japan, the sun will set earlier around 5pm, so you might want to go a bit earlier maybe after lunch would be ideal. You might spend around 2 hours to relaxedly enjoy the huge area of the campus.

For those who know the story of Hachiko, the dog who went daily for years to wait for his deceased master in their regular meeting place, the university has a more unknown yet more touching statue than the famous one at Shibuya Crossing. It depicts Hachiko and his owner, a former professor of agriculture at the University of Tokyo. The two are posed greeting each other and appear quite happy. The statue was erected in 2015 in the agriculture campus area.

University of Tokyo can be accessed from the three closest Metro train stations namely Todaimae, Nezu and Hongo Sanchome. For you JR pass holders, you can use your JR Pass with JR Yamanote Line but you have to walk about 15 minutes from Ueno Station.

Thank you for reading all the way trough and I hope this post will enhance your autumn experience in Tokyo.

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