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Strawberry Picking at Chiba’s Famous Dragon Strawberry Farm

Just 50 minutes outside of Tokyo, the famous Dragon Blueberry and Strawberry Farm in Chiba Prefecture has attracted visitors from within Japan and beyond. Its greenhouse style farm allows each individual all-you-can-eat strawberries for half an hour, leaving visitors to wander their vibrant green rows and indulge in the honey-sweet taste of strawberries straight from the source!

"Kyogoku-cho" Good mineral water and agriculture of the most beautiful village in Japan

Kyogoku-cho is the member of an organization called "The Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan (Nihon de mottomo utsukushii mura-rengō) ". This is primarily attributable to the recognition of two conditions. The first is "the Mount Yotei and its rural landscape" which is the result of activities of local farmers such as the endeavour to protect the magnificent landscapes surrounded by the Mt. Yotei as well as the rotational crops system. The second is the "spring water of Kyogoku" in Spring water park, which is the result of activities to create the village of good mineral water. The noted Spring water comes from rain and snow that fall […]

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