Strawberry Picking at Chiba’s Famous Dragon Strawberry Farm

Just 50 minutes outside of Tokyo, the famous Dragon Blueberry and Strawberry Farm in Chiba Prefecture has attracted visitors from within Japan and beyond. Its greenhouse style farm allows each individual all-you-can-eat strawberries for half an hour, leaving visitors to wander their vibrant green rows and indulge in the honey-sweet taste of strawberries straight from the source!

Known for its strong agricultural and industrial output, Chiba Prefecture boasts Japan’s second highest vegetable production. However, its fruits industry is quickly gaining a similar reputation, as local news television stations and newspapers become more interested in the local strawberry and blueberry farms.

Among the most recently TV covered farms is Dragon Blueberry and Strawberry Farm, situated in Wakaba in Chiba city. A 15-minute walk from Chishirodai-Kita station, the farm attracts large crowds even at its early 9 am start and closes by noon.

Upon arriving at the farm, my fellow adventurers and I were pleasantly surprised by the farm’s attempt at welcoming visitors in multiple languages other than just English, including Mandarin, Thai and even Indonesian.

At this family run business, each visitor is given a choice of either milk chocolate or white chocolate in a small dish to dip in, and then off to the greenhouses everyone goes! With a diverse variety of strawberries to choice from and taste, you sure do forget the time indulging endlessly in heavenly sweet drops of fruity berries.


Upon entering the farms, contrary to most people, my first instinct was to take out my camera and capture the atmosphere! Coming down from bustling Tokyo, the tranquil surroundings here definitely give a distinctive depiction of every day life in Japan. The arched rooftops of the greenhouse also create a pleasant sunglow above the long strawberry lines, giving the perfect growth climate. Thus, my only advice is to come in light, with few things in hand and to enjoy as many ripened strawberries as possible!


The Dragon farm has over 15 types of strawberries, each with a significantly different taste and aroma. According to owner Ms Uchiha, the best seasons for strawberry picking are March and April, when strawberries become vibrantly bright red and taste twice as sweet. During the summer months, the blueberry farms are open to visitors for picking in similar fashion. Locally made strawberry and blueberry jams flavored after their specialty products are available for purchase at the front desk. Before departing, the farm owners present each visitor with a complimentary baked sweet potato.

For those visiting from Tokyo, Chiba’s urban monorail is the best route to take from Chiba train station, giving you an above-the skyline view of Chiba’s urban landscape. While the journey from Tokyo did take a while, the fantastic service and reception by the staff, as well as the greenhouse view made it all the worthwhile. Especially for those seeking an adventure in the more suburban areas of Japan, Chiba certainly gives you a serene alternative to enjoy Japan’s more peaceful laidback lifestyle.

And now, I leave you with a glimpse of this refreshingly sweet place. Bon appetite!



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