Writer: Ashley Yoshida

Hi, I’m Ashley.

Originally from Washington, D.C., I have been living in Japan with my Japanese husband and our two children for six years.

Japan is a wonderful mash-up of ancient and modern, over-the-top kitsch and understated elegance. Whether you are into “Ikebana”, artisan sake, and Japanese temples, or “yakiniku”, Harajuku and beer there is something here for you. You will be surprised, delighted and amazed at least once, if not a thousand times a day.

People are kind and trustworthy, things run smoothly, and if you lose your keys, your jacket, or your mobile they are probably at the nearest police box, or, in the case of a jacket, hanging on a post, or neatly folded just where you thought you may have dropped it.

A world traveler since before I could walk, Japan is the only country I have ever had the experience of being able to let myself be swept away by it’s mystery and beauty without having to worry about being harmed or taken advantage of.

I hope you enjoy my articles and fall in love with Japan as I have.

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