"Kyogoku-cho" Good mineral water and agriculture of the most beautiful village in Japan

Kyogoku-cho is the member of an organization called "The Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan (Nihon de mottomo utsukushii mura-rengō) ". This is primarily attributable to the recognition of two conditions. The first is "the Mount Yotei and its rural landscape" which is the result of activities of local farmers such as the endeavour to protect the magnificent landscapes surrounded by the Mt. Yotei as well as the rotational crops system.



The second is the "spring water of Kyogoku" in Spring water park, which is the result of activities to create the village of good mineral water.



The noted Spring water comes from rain and snow that fall in the Mt. Yotei and accumulate over decades and then percolate underground and spout out at the foot of the mountain. Kyogoku-cho is the most well known village in Hokkaido for its good mineral water. Water temperature is kept around 6.5 °C throughout the year and its daily yield of water is about 80,000 tons, which is the top-class yield in Japan.
The village was designated as "spring and green environmental conservation area" and its noted water has received many national and local decorations as follows : "Spring water of Mt. Yotei" - selected as one of a hundred famous water, "Hometown promotion award", " Noted water of Kyogoku village"- selected as one of a hundred villages that produce good water", "Spring water of Kyogoku"- designated as the heritage site of Hokkaido.
Awarded and selected water is used not only as water source in the area, but also commercially available mineral water. Spring water is also playing an important role as a sightseeing resource.

Mt. Yotei is a beautiful conical mountain with the magnificent landscapes for all four seasons. The mountain is also called "Ezo-Fuji". The area centered on the summit is designated as National Park area and visitors can enjoy alpine plants that paint the surroundings in brilliant colors and virgin forest. The village also has the starting point of the mountain trail.


The village owns a day spa and hot spring facility called "Kyogoku Fureai Koryu(communication and exchange) Center" where visitors can drop around easily. An open-air bath in the facility offers a magnificent view of Mt. Yotei which may unwind from routine fatigue.
Many local specialties such as mineral water, coffee, Sake made from good local water as well as Hokkaido's famous Danshaku potate (Irish Cobbler potato) and goods from Danshaku potatoes are available. Why not pick up them for souvenirs?

Address: Kyogoku-cho,Abuta,Hokkaido
Tel: 0136-42-2111 Fax: 0136-42-315

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