Oh Joy! Christmas at Tokyo Disney Resort 2016

Oh Joy! All ye, faithful or not, can probably feel the holiday spirits in the air (and definitely from the shopping mall speakers). Christmas is right around the corner, and the Japanese edition of the most magical places on Earth, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea, are already prepared for the season for you and your loved ones to spend a magical vacation there. If you want to keep everything a surprise, come back to this article after the trip. If not, let us take a tour of the holiday upgrade of Tokyo Disney Resort 2016!


The Christmas overhaul was installed in early November. Christmas decorations filled the park. From Mickey-Mouse-shaped wreaths hanging on lamp posts to the two gigantic Christmas trees standing all in each park, the little details surround all the guests in the holiday atmosphere from the moment you walk in. The traditional Christmas music playing throughout the parks keeps you in the mood the whole time you are there.


Disneyland – “Christmas Fantasy”

One of the main highlights of Disneyland’s “Christmas Fantasy” is the Disney Christmas Stories daytime parade. This 45 minute parade runs twice a day, and the characters on their special seasonal floats greet all the visitors along with joyful music. This is definitely a show not to miss.


Characters statues around Disneyland received new outfits and poses. Seeing Donald and Goofy surrounded by presents and the adorable Stitch wearing a Santa hat feels like the characters are enjoying the event with us. Travelling through the park to find these lovely photo-spots becomes an adventure.


A couple of attractions changed for the season as well. The Country Bear Theater hosts the “Jingle Bell Jamboree” to celebrate Christmas with a musical. The Haunted Mansion, on the other hand, collaborates with The Nightmare Before Christmas and turns the indoor ride into a spooky Christmas adventure with Jack Skellington.


Disneysea – “Christmas Wishes”

Around the day time, the Disney characters gather in Disneysea to perform the joyful musical “A Perfect Christmas” to kick off the “Christmas Wishes” theme. It is an excellent opportunity to see many of your favourites characters on stage together.

Disneysea may not have the character statues around the park, but several sparkling Christmas trees glisten in different districts, each with its own look and charm to it.

The special night show, “Colors of Christmas: Night Time Wishes” at the center of the park is likely the seasonal magic that leaves the fondest memories for many park visitors. Pairing with the 15th anniversary Disneysea celebrate, “A Year of Wishes”, the characters gather again on the boat to hear the wishes of everyone there and create a bright sparkling Christmas tree flowing on the waters of the Mediterranean Harbor. This romantic event will leave anyone impressed.


After enjoying the seasonal amusements and performances, make sure you visit the gift shops for the line of Christmas merchandise, with unique items exclusive to each park for you to pick up and bring all the fond Disney memories home.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a place of dreams. For those who adore the Disney fantasies, the excellent Christmas edition of the two parks will definitely bring joy to your heart, adding the magical sparkle to the Christmas season for you and your loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

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