Photo:This red building easily gives the entrance the feeling of being in Denmark

Like Walking Through a Storybook: Funabashi Andersen Park

Take yourself into a fairytale world. Funabashi H.C. Andersen Park is located in Funabashi, Chiba. The park is named after the famous fairytale writer, Hans Christian Andersen who was born in Odense, Denmark.

Andersen Park takes the image of Denmark and according to some resources, this park is ranked at No. 3 on Japan's list of the Top Amusement Parks on "Trip Advisor" in the year 2015.

The park appeals to all kinds of ages because of the natural scenery and its enormous playground where kids can enjoy. This park will let you pause for a moment because of the view that seems to be like you are walking through a painting, it has all the best scenic spots you can ever imagine and it really is a park to be recommended especially if you are a nature lover or even if you are not you will fall in love with the views alone. What I love the most about this park is the serenity of the lake along with the trees.

The lake during Autumn season
Photo taken of the lake in a different angle

The park has five different zones, each with a variety of beautiful flowers.

Wanpaku Kingdom Park

It is like a small zoo where in kids can do things like ride on a pony or play with some other small animals. The animals can also be pet freely.

Nature Experience Land

You can also enjoy getting yourself soaked in a clean pond that has a fountain in it. It is called Rainbow Land, kids and adults can both enjoy this zone during summer. Besides the pond, there are many activities kids ages two and above can enjoy. You can see most of the kids in this area.

Art Museum

The park also has an art museum stocked with lots of art materials where kids can enjoy arts and crafts with freedom of imagination.

Fairy Tale Hill Zone

This area recreates the countryside of Denmark. The building in this area is one of the symbol of this park along with the windmill beside it. This zone is just right at the entrance of the park.

Windmill surrounded with flowers. More visible during blooming season.

Castle of Flowers Zone

Here you can enjoy four seasons of flowers and their are tables where you can eat but you can also take a mat with you to enjoy eating on the grass.

Try to take photos behind these beautiful flowers

Be sure to check out the lake and get something to eat while you are here.

Boat House

You can enjoy boating in a wide lake surrounded with nature or simply enjoy having coffee or snacks in a cottage just behind the lake while also enjoying the view. It is best to have a sit on the deck of this cottage.

The lake and the cottage while people are enjoying boating
You can also try their Denmark-style of hotdog which is popular at Andersen Park


  • Boat rate: 30 minutes - 300 yen
    10 minutes extension - 100 yen
    3 people allowed in one boat
    Life vests for children are available

Coffee and Cookies

This cute little mini van that is made into a shop serves good coffee, try to have their cookies too, it is chewy. This cute café shop is parked right after the entrance of this park.


  • Adults: ¥900 *Free admission for seniors 65 years or older upon presentation of ID
    High School Students: ¥600 *School ID must be presented
    Elementary and Junior High School Students: ¥200
    Small Children (4 years or older): ¥100
    3 years or younger: Free

Travel Information:

Address: Chiba Prefecture, Funabashi City, Kanehori-cho 525

Access: From Funabashi Station North Exit, Bus Stand No. 5, ride the Funabashi Shin-Keisei Bus bound for “Komuro Eki” and walk 5 minutes from “Kenmin no Mori” stop.

Closed: Every Monday (open on holidays, and during spring, summer, and winter vacations); New Year’s Holiday (12/29 – 1/1)

Phone: 047-457-6627 (9:30 – 16:00)

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