Tokyo Disneyland Easter Celebrations

Easter holiday is nonexistent in Japan, except for in Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea! This year, Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter Celebration is held April 2nd through June 23rd. For the Easter Celebration, the park has exclusive merchandise, food, parades, decorations and events!



The decorations throughout the park are cute and happy, depicting Disney characters panting eggs or gardening. Many white rabbits can be found within the gardens and grass fields, poking up through holes from the ground. Bright pastel-colored banners hang from the light posts and poles. Also within the park, egg-shaped Disney characters are scattered throughout! The eggs not only add to the Easter atmosphere, but are also used for the egg hunt event, an activity only in Disneyland!


The egg hunt is a fun activity, where people go around the park looking for specific character eggs. This activity costs an extra 510YEN for the standard course (easy) and 1,030YEN for the expert course (difficult). Each course has different rewards. With the standard course, one will get a map displaying character eggs around the park with a few “?” eggs. The map also comes with character stickers. Using the map, one will go to each “?” egg location to see what character egg is there. Once that character egg is found, one will place the sticker of that same character over the “?” mark. Once all five character eggs are found, a prize can be redeemed! The prize for the standard course is a Disneyland lanyard with a character egg charm! There are five available characters that are chosen at random! For the advanced course, only hints are given of where each egg is located and it is much harder! The prize for the advanced course is a bag charm. Bag charm characters are rotated by date. April was a Mickey charm, May is a Donald charm and Minnie will be June’s prize. The activity is a lot of fun and is definitely worth it for people who want a bit of added excitement to walking around the park!

Egg Hunt Map

Even the food is Easter themed! Colorful dyed eggs are added to soups and sandwiches, special cupcakes get white chocolate bunny ears and macaroons have character pictures on them! For a light, cheap snack one might want to try the bread cone soup! Clam chowder and minestrone (non-vegetarian) soup is in a brightly orange colored bread cone with a green tortilla chip on the top, giving an appearance of a carrot! There are also several snacks that come with merchandise that one can keep! The chocolate candies and jelly beans come with a plastic, egg-shaped carry case (Mickey, Cheshire Cat or the Green Aliens from Toy Story), Pastries are served with an egg stand plate, and the Easter custard pudding comes with a collector’s cup.

Minestrone Cone

A special parade, the Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Parade, is performed two to three times a day, and is unique to Tokyo Disneyland. Dancers dressed as cute bunnies, floats decorated with eggs and bright colored pastels and music that will be stuck in one’s head for the rest of the day, makes this parade extremely cheery and unforgettable!



After a day of egg hunting, rides, eating and fun, one can find unique Easter-themed merchandise at almost any store! Some of the merchandise includes cute cookie tins, egg print jackets, bags and socks, egg shaped plates, pens, erasers and even sunglasses! Of course, this merchandise is only available during the Easter Celebration!



Disney holiday themed celebrations are always fun and Easter is no exception! For those who enjoy Disney, and the special events, will find the trip to Tokyo Disneyland worth it! Tokyo Disneysea is having their first Easter celebration this year, so why not visit both parks this season? For more information, please check out the official Tokyo Disneyland webpage :

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