Lake Biwa cruise at night

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Biwako Lake Cruise

Lake Biwa is Japan’s largest lake, located in Shiga prefecture northeast of Kyoto. The lake is popular for its refreshing and calming atmosphere, and being easily accessible from Kyoto and Osaka, it's perfect for people looking to escape the busy life in the city or crowds of tourists at popular tourist destinations.

Around Lake Biwa are numerous important and beautiful historical sites such as the Hikone castle, Enrakuji monastery and Mii-dera Temple. Otsu City, where people can visit to have a nice walk around the lake or visit Mii-dera, also has a port from which you can take a cruise on Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa during the day

Michigan Cruise

The Michigan cruise is a beautiful attraction at Lake Biwa which lets you take a ride in an American looking cruise around the lake. The Michigan cruise can be perfect for friends, family and couples for its refreshing and adventurous atmosphere during the daytime, and romantic atmosphere in the nighttime. The cruise is a great opportunity for visitors to see the beauty of Lake Biwa and its shoreline.

The cruise is also popular in the summer on the day of the Lake Biwa Fire Festival. Passengers can enjoy the 10,000 fireworks at Lake Biwa from the cruise.

Types of Cruises

The Michigan lit up at night
Photo by 淳平 筈井 on Flickr

The Michigan Cruise offers 3 different types of cruises.

Michigan 80

The Michigan 80 is a daytime cruise for 80 minutes around Lake Biwa. They offer meals and events during the cruise, which you can enjoy while watching the nice daytime scenery of Lake Biwa.

Michigan 60

The Michigan 60 is shorter than the Michigan 80. The cruise takes you on a trip around Lake Biwa for an hour in the evening time.

Michigan Night

The Michigan Night has a 60-minute cruise and a 120-minute cruise. Since the cruise has such a beautiful romantic atmosphere at night, some guests take the cruise to celebrate an important anniversary together with the great meals and events in the cruise.

Inside the Michigan Cruise

Michigan Cruise dining area

The Michigan cruise has 4 floors and passengers can freely move around the boat. Free Wi-Fi is also provided inside the boat. They offer entertaining events such as shows at the cruise deck on the 3rd floor, which all passengers can enjoy. The cruise offers 4 dining places where passengers can enjoy nice meals and beverages.


The Michigan Dining is located in the 1st floor. It is considered as the main dining area and has a 19th century American interior as their theme. Here they offer lunch courses around 3,900 yen and dinner courses around 4,110 yen.


The Michigan Hall offers a buffet for its passengers.
The prices are:
Lunch Buffet: 2,700 yen
Dinner Buffet: 4,110 yen


The Michigan Café is recommended for those who want to enjoy light meals such as curry or pasta, desserts and beverages. The prices of light meals are around 1,500 yen and drinks are around 500 yen.


The Michigan Bar offers beverages and snacks. Snacks such as fries or fried chicken are around 500 yen and beverages such as Coca-Cola are 250 yen.

More Information


Passengers can ride the Michigan Cruise from Otsu Port, a 3-minute walk from Keihan Hamaotsu Station and 5 minutes by bus from JR Otsu Station.


The price of tickets varies according to which cruise you take.

Michigan 80

Adults: 2,780 yen
Students: 2,260 yen
Children: 1,390 yen

Michigan 60

Adults: 2,260 yen
Students: 1,850 yen
Children: 1,130 yen

Michigan Night (180 min)

Adults: 2,980 yen
Students: 2,470 yen
Children: 1,490 yen

Michigan Night (60 min)

Adults: 2,260 yen
Students: 1,850 yen
Children: 1,130 yen


The first cruise of the day leaves at 10:00, and the last cruise at 19:30. However, as the timetable changes according to the season, it is important to check the their official webpage under “Schedule/Fares”.

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