Writer: Amanda Metcalf

Amanda is a writer from Sydney, living in Kyoto. Has a double degree in art history and literature. Her writing focuses on mythology, memoir and sustainable economies.

Kyoto Vegan Restaurant

Best Places to Eat Japanese-Style Vegan in Kyoto

At most vegan restaurants in Japan the ingredients aren’t always obvious. And many of the top 100 vegan restaurants listed online are mostly popular for their proximity to tourist destinations, or that make Western-styled foods such as tacos or burgers. This article highlights the three best places to eat in Kyoto that have a more authentic Japanese twist to them.

Kyoto Organic Farmer Life–Sustainable Organic Farm Tour

One Kyoto local has taken the tourism boom as an opportunity to provide a sustainably-focused day tour from Kyoto. Chuck Kayser, moved to Kyoto over 20 years ago and has been organic farming for 11 years. He is also a member of Seeds of Sustainability Kyoto, a group which hosts events throughout the city promoting sustainable ideas.

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