"Shichiku Garden" in Obihiro City

Shichiku Garden is Obihiro's famous tourist spot. "I want to play with flowers all day," says the head of the garden Mrs. Akiyo Shichiku, who at the age of 63 took a completely barren vacant lot and started to create her garden, which eventually became a natural field of flowers. Currently, nearly 100,000 tourists per year visit this garden. The attraction of this garden is the fact that you can really sense the season of your visit as you walk through the garden and see its flowers. It also has a play space for children and a swing straight out of a fairy tail, which are very fitting for this […]

"Banei Tokachi" Obihiro Horse Race Track

Especially famous banei horse racing(Banei race track) among sightseeing point in Obihiro city started its management in 1953. The entertainment facility is managed by Obihiro city only in 2007. Now,the entertainment facility as local horse racing is only place in Hokkaido prefecture. Banei horse racing is only one in world. Banei horse racing is the facility with "Tokachimura" having diverse shop and "Fureai zoo" mixed with race track. You can enjoy there all day. If you have been to Freai zoo, You can feed on "Ricky" as same size as racing horse. In addition to this, There are pony and rabbit. Families with children can enjoy the spot. In Tokachimura, You […]

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