Tenguyama: One of Hokkaido's 3 Best Night Views and a Must-See in Otaru

Mt. Tengu offers hands-down some of the best views in Otaru. Known as Tenguyama to the Japanese, this 532m peak is a popular destination not only for the panoramic vista at the top, but also for having a "ropeway" gondola that can take you there.

In winter Tenguyama is an accessible ski resort enjoyed by Otaru residents and visitors alike, while during the warmer months the incredible view of Otaru at night seen from the observation deck is highly recommended.

Night view of Otaru from Tenguyama
Photo: Reginald Pentinio on Flickr

Mt. Tengu is said to offer one of the three best night views in Hokkaido, along with Mt. Hakodateyama and Mt. Moiwayama. The mountains and coastline of Ishikari Bay are unique, and together with the view of town, shining like a jewel, you are certain to leave with a memory you won't soon forget.

The gondola ride to the top takes about 4 minutes. In the summertime, you can also drive, take a bus from Otaru Station, or walk your way up, but we recommend the ropeway, so you get the panoramic view.

view of Otaru from Tenguyama in daytime
Photo: Nao Iizuka on Flickr

The view during the day is also superb. On a clear day, you can see far into the distance, with vistas extending from the Shakotan Peninsula all the way to the Shokanbetsu mountain range.

In summer the Summit Slider and Squirrel Park are popular. The Summit Slider is a meadow bobsleigh that runs from the top of the mountain — it is quite thrilling as it can reach a speeds of up to 40 kph.

At the Squirrel Park you can feed sunflower seeds to the cute squirels. The squirels are very friendly, and will even climb up on your hand if they know you have sunflower seeds.

squirrel at Tenguyama Otaru
Photo: Nao Iizuka on Flickr

Mt. Tengu

Address: Otaru, Hokkaido
Tel: 0134-33-7381
Website: http://tenguyama.ckk.chuo-bus.co.jp/en/ (English PDF)

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