Spectacular Seafood Meals – Otaru Sankaku Market in Hokkaido

Ever since the beginning of the humankind, food has always been a huge motivation for civilization to travel for better nourishment and supplies. This undoubtedly continues in the modern days as we continue to search for locations around the world where delicious goodies are served in their finest forms. 

Flowery language aside, who wants fresh sashimi?

If you are visiting the northernmost island of Japan that is Hokkaido for its beautiful nature, get ready to stop by the city of Otaru for some lovely kaisendon, or sashimi served on rice. 

This peaceful port city is not far from Sapporo, and its access to the Ishikari Bay blesses the place with consistent access to the freshest and finest seafood. Many similar tourist locations such as Tsukiji end up confusing tourists with too many restaurants available, but in Otaru, you can simply head over to the Otaru Sankaku Market for a concentration of 6 small shops that serves up some of the best kaisendon in the country.

The name of the market is from its unique shape being a triangle. Besides restaurants, they also sell fresh seafood, street foods as well as dried goods that are great for souvenirs. Those with a hungry stomach would likely want to pop into one of the shops to get their food as soon as possible and check out the rest later.

Hold on for a quick moment though! When traveling around Hokkaido, you might have picked up a free map or two to guide you on your travels. Take a look whether any of the guides have coupons for certain shops, and you might net yourselves a free bowl of crab miso soup, or even an entire grilled fish for no additional cost! Another source for coupons would be online, so make a quick search before heading in.

Free goodies aside, the prices at the market are all pretty reasonable. For just a bit more than a thousand yen, you can get a rice bowl with an assortment of seafood. If you have certain seafood in mind, you can also evaluate your budget and choose and assemble your own selection to your satisfaction. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of uni (sea urchin), salmon as well as the Hokkaido specialty, ikura (salmon roe). So when I was there, I made sure my meal was exactly what I went there for. 2500 yen was no doubt a great deal for the quality. Their tuna and shrimp were amazingly fresh as well, and I wish I had the space in my stomach for a second.

Besides the seafood rice bowl, the restaurants there also offer a large selection of raw and prepared seafood to choose from, so if you want to add a bit more to your meal or want to stop by for just a small refresher during your travels (possibly with a drink too, if you are not driving), you will certainly find something that will please you.

Most of the restaurants are quite experienced in interacting with foreigner travelers, so they have multilingual menus available. During my time in Hokkaido, this meal at the Otaru Sankaku Market was one of the highlights of the many meals consumed. Fans of seafood will not want to miss out on this little yet impressive market.

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