Let’s take a walk slowly alongside "Otaru canal" in addition to taking pictures.

The Otaru Canal is build from 1914 to 1923. Now it has a canal walk still retaining some remnants of old views.


The canal is known for one one the standard sightseeing spots in Otaru.
Around Asakusa-bashi Bridge, where a tourist information center is located, is a popular photo spot. You will enjoy the well-known Otaru Canal scenery often appears on tour guides.
After walking on the canal walk, you can visit Otaru Museum and Otaru Canal Plaza on the side opposite to the canal but the same to Otaru station. Otaru Canal Plaza is good for a short rest with its tourist information and coffee shop.
On the other hand, along the ocean side of the canal, you will see stoned historical warehouses. It would be nice to have a lunch enjoying the view of Otaru Canal at some restaurants.
These are located in a standard sightseeing area in Otaru. If you walk further the canal walk from Chuo-bashi Bridge (Central Bridge) for Temiya district, you will get to Kita Unga (North Cannal).


Kita Unga is not so busy. It is recommended for a leisurely walk.
Moreover, it is also nice to have a view of Chuo-bashi Bridge from Kita Unga side. Main attractions nearby are former Japan Post Otaru Office (scheduled to be closed until end of Mar 2015) and Unga-koen Park (Cannal Park).
I visited Unga-koen Park and had a relaxing time on a sunny day. It refreshed me by getting rid of busy days.
Please go further to Kita Unga if you have extra time to spree.
You will catch on to your new attraction to the canal not only by taking pictures but also taking a slow walk.

Otaru Canal
Address: Minatomachi, Otaru, Hokkaido
Web: http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/regional/hokkaido/otaru.html

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