"Otaru Music Box Museum"


Otaru Music Box Museum consists of the main building and the building No.2. The building No.2 is located on the other side of the main building across the Märchen intersection. The main building is one of Japan's largest music box shops that was built in 1912. The exterior is built of brick, whereas the interior is wooden.

It is said the number of music box on display is over 1500. Beside the inlet, there is a steam clock, which has been the store's symbol.

In "Yume Kobo (dream studio)", which locates nearby the main building, there is a booth that you can experience in making a music box. You can make your original music box in about one hour.
※ reservation only.

There are so many music boxes of various designs or materials here - from simple boxes to ones for the wall, to jewelry boxes, to stuffed animals, to pottery.


Building No. 2 is an antique museum with a lot of antique music boxes from all over the world. Various kinds of music boxes have been collected there, such as an automatic piano or a wind-up doll. The concerts are held about six times a day. The antique music box with a historical value are also on display or sale. In the concert, you can enjoy the tone of antique music boxes or the pipe organ while sitting on a bench and being relaxed. I think you could feel as if you were traveling past not only because of the exterior but also because of the interior. It's a relaxing place that enable you to enjoy the nostalgic, so wide range of people of all generations have visited here from children to until elderly.

Otaru Music Box Museum
Address: 4-1, Sumiyoshi-cho, Otaru, Hokkaido
Tel: 0134-22-1108
Business hours:
9:00~18:00(Open 365 Days)
Web: http://www.otaru-orgel.co.jp/english/e_index.html

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