"Foggy Lake Mashu", "Clear Blue Lake Masshu", both of these occurrences have always attracted people to this mysterious lake

Lake Mashu is within Akan National Park. It represents eastern Hokkaido and is loved as "Foggy Lake Mashu." The mysteriousness of this lake attracts many to it. The caldera lake that was birthed from the explosion of the Mashu Volcano has a circumference of 20km and an area of 19.2 km squared. It boasts both a height of 351m above sea level and a depth of 212m, so it is also the 5th deepest in Japan. The water level remains fixed, though no water flows in or out of it from outside, and it is the pride of the lake that, though somewhat mysterious, it is the clearest in the […]

The largest caldera lake in Japan, "Lake Kussharo" is a resort filled with activities such as camping, canoeing and hot springs among others

Lake Kussharo, which ranks second among caldera lakes, boasts its humongous size, which is the largest in Japan. With a circumference of 57 km and a surface of 79.3 sqkm, a lot of visitors come for its large size and for the 12 km-island at its center that never fails to astound anyone. Lake Kussharo, as the largest caldera in Japan, is a wonderful location as its surroundings include even the tops of Aso Caldera in Kyushu. Aside from being large, the lake is riddled with various activities and sports its famous lively atmosphere as one of the resorts which is popular during early summer until autumn. It is filled […]

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