Gourmet journey along the Noodle Highway, where the wheat culture and good water are.


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A culture with a wide variety of noodles has risen at the areas along the Ryomo Line, which is a wheat producing area blessed with good water. How about some great gourmet experience uniquely offered by the noodle highway “Ryomo Line”, while visiting the tourist attractions within this region?


Sano Ramen

Noodle making process called “Aodake Uchi, (green bamboo trees are used for kneading the noodle dough) ” creates its own unique and savory flavor. Sano ramen became famous from the word of the mouth from golfers, and now there are over 100 ramen shops serving Sano ramen and each of which is serving its unique ramen menus.


Ashikaga Soba

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The streetscape with rich history and tradition which has been attracting many tourists following the coverage by a popular TV program. You can enjoy the soba noodles (buckwheat noodles) at shops with long history.

The 10th annual Ashikaga Soba Matsuri Festival Official Website


Kiryu Udon

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Kiryu Udon which is characterized by its slightly broader width, and served in a variety of udon menus including, “kinoko (mushroom) udon” with locally harvested mushrooms, and “himokawa”, a type of udon characterized by its very broad width as shown in the photo.


Joshu Ota Yakisoba

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Joshu Ota Yakisoba, which is a stir-fried thicker noodles cooked with a simple combination of ingredients including, cabbage, grated aonori seaweed, and pickled gingers and seasoned with sauce specially selected by each shop. You can enjoy Joshu Ota Yakisoba at several dozen shops within the city.


Takasaki, the Pasta Town




In Takasaki, which is famous for Takasaki Daruma figures, pasta has been popular for a long time. The town has been covered by newspapers, and TV programs as a town of pasta, and the boom has risen to the extent big enough for the town to hold the pasta events. You can enjoy the pasta menus with unique touches applied by each restaurant such as using the locally harvested ingredients.

King of pasta 2019 event official website

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