Writer: Anastasia Okonta

Hello, my name is Anastasia and I am originally from Essex in England! I am 23 years old and after graduating from University I embarked on my biggest life adventure yet and moved to Japan! After spending one year living in Wakayama I am now living in Osaka and loving every minute of it!! I am currently working here teaching English at Kindergarten age but in my spare time I love to go hiking, explore new areas, eat out with friends, travel around the country and generally learn more about the wonderful culture in Japan!!

Plum Blossoms vs. Cherry Blossoms

What some may not be aware of, however, are the equally beautiful but less famous Japanese plum blossoms! Plum blossoms, like cherry blossoms are a signal for the beginning of spring, and though they are often overshadowed by the popular cherry blossoms, the flowers are stunning in their own right. Though they are similar in some ways they are also quite different in appearance, variations and blooming period.

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