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A History of the Rickshaw

The man-powered transportation cart that began in Japan and spread throughout Asia in the 19th century. For your trip to Japan, after you've ridden the trains, planes, and automobiles, why not go for a tour the way aristocrats did?

A Traveller's Guide to Transportation in Japan

Japan has a transportation network that extends from the heights of its famed Shinkansen bullet trains down to bicycles. While the cost of traveling long distances can appear expensive at first, thrifty travelers can find a variety of discounts to make trips more affordable. Be sure to explore your options thoroughly to find what's best for your budget.

Rush Hours in Japan

In Japan, the mostly commonly used public transportation is the train. I can say that you can go everywhere in Japan by train. It is the most convenient public transportation in Japan. Unfortunately, there's a bad side : rush hours in Japan are so horrible.

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