Writer: Christopher Gearhardt

Christopher lives and works in the Chubu area of Japan and has traveled extensively throughout the country. Please send any questions or comments to gearhacc@gmail.com.

A Traveller's Guide to Transportation in Japan

Japan has a transportation network that extends from the heights of its famed Shinkansen bullet trains down to bicycles. While the cost of traveling long distances can appear expensive at first, thrifty travelers can find a variety of discounts to make trips more affordable. Be sure to explore your options thoroughly to find what's best for your budget.

Mount Koya - Japan’s Hidden Treasure

Mount Koya is a time machine. While it is true that it is located on a fixed point on the map just two hours from the crowd and bright lights of Osaka, time has warped around the mountain in such a way that a visitor is transported to one of the last places where it is possible to steal a glimpse of an old Japan that is rapidly vanishing from other more tourist oriented locations.

Kobe - A Tale of Two Cities

Kobe is a port city best known internationally for the style of Japanese beef named after it, but the city has much more to offer than culinary delights. It is a vibrant area that played an integral part in Japan’s opening to the world in the 19th century.

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