Writer: IzzaDP

An Indonesian student studying at Nagoya, Japan. It has been her dream since a very long time to study in Japan so she wants to enjoy the rest of her student life here before she has to continue her journey to other places across the globe.

A Visit to Ise Shrine

Ise Jingu is the biggest Shinto Shrine in Japan which enshrined the Amaterasu Oomikami (Goddess of Sun). The name Ise comes from where the shrine is located which is in Ise City, Mie Prefecture and Jingu means shrine in Japanese.

Unique Museums in Nagoya

Nagoya is an industrial city which sometimes may seem boring for tourists. But do you know that there are some museums in Japan that you can only find in Nagoya? Maybe these museums can be some of the spots that you must visit when you travel around Chubu area. Check it out!

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