Writer: Erik Jacobs

Erik first came to Japan as a study abroad student in Tokyo in 2011. At that time he became interested Japan, Japanese food, and travel photography. He moved back to Japan in 2013 for work and has been traveling across Kansai and the rest of Japan with a strong interest in food, architecture, traditional Japanese culture, cherry blossoms, and the fall leaves.

In his free time, Erik enjoys watching the Hanshin Tigers play at Koshien, trying new ramen shops and izakayas in Kansai, training, and writing about the colonial architecture and history of East Asia.



Ramen 101 – Eat Like a Local

Ramen (ラーメン) is a food that most of us first encountered as college students or when we were in need of a quick meal that required no more than some hot water and three or four minutes of waiting.

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