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5 Safe, Entertaining Things to Do in Tokyo With Kids

Tokyo could be described as an amusement park for adults with all its neon lights, unique out-of-this-world entertainment and Michelin star restaurants, but what about for the little ones amongst us. Japan’s capital is safe, clean, and full of family oriented fun. Join us as we look at some of the best things to do in Tokyo for those visiting with kids. 

Ninja Akasaka

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Ninja were the secret agents of samurai Japan, hired as mercenaries by feudal lords for their exceptional espionage skills. Ninja Akasaka is a fun ninja themed entertainment restaurant in Tokyo. Located in Tokyu Plaza Akasaka, a tourist-friendly shopping center, this unique restaurant has been described as the “Best Ninja Themed Restaurant in Japan”. The labyrinth-like dining area replicates a hidden ninja village from the Edo period (1603-1868). If the waterfalls, ponds and cries of crickets don’t create the ambiance for you, the staff dressed as ninja certainly will. There are even ninja performers who will perform illusions before your very eyes at your table. 

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Futuristic Odaiba

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Odaiba is a high-tech entertainment hub created on a man-made artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Originally created by the Tokugawa shogunate (1603-1868) to protect Tokyo from the threat of attack by sea, this futuristic fantasyland is great for the entire family with shopping malls, waterfront restaurants and leisure facilities. The kids will love interacting with the robots at the Miraikan Science Museum and checking out the huge “life-size” Gundam robot at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. There are several theme parks to enjoy at Decks Tokyo Beach including a Legoland Discovery Center, a Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, and a Trick Art Museum.

Ghibli Museum

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The Ghibli Museum, called Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Bijutsukan in Japanese, is a fun whimsical museum showcasing the work of Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. This famous animation studio has produced worldwide hits such as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, just outside of central Tokyo, the museum combines features of a children’s museum with animation, technology, and fine arts. The highlights include a replica of the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro, a rooftop garden featuring a life-sized robot from Castle in the Sky, and a movie theatre that shows exclusive short films by Studio Ghibli. The first floor of the museum exhibits the history and techniques used in animation, with the second floor containing special temporary exhibitions. 

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Kiddy Land

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Kiddy Land is a tax-free toy mecca in the fashion hub of Harajuku, Tokyo. The local landmark has popular character goods from both Japan and from around the world. Kiddy Land’s has four floors and a basement with each floor dedicated to different characters. The basement floor is called “Snoopy Town Shop” and is covered with images of Peanuts characters. The first floor by the entrance is called “Next Kiddy Land” and is home to seasonal and miscellaneous items. The second floor is called “Disney Avenue” and as you can guess, is a whole floor dedicated to Disney merchandise. The third floor is called “Toy’s Wonderland” and has everything from action toys to plastic models. If you are a Star Wars fan like myself, don’t miss Star Wars Galaxy, a corner on the third floor with a collection of Star Wars goods. The fourth floor is called “Rilakkuma Store” and is dedicated to that cute character bear, Rilakkuma. 

Kids will love exploring all the characters on display and maybe taking home something cute or cool as a souvenir from Japan. 

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Tokyo Disneyland

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Our list wouldn’t be complete without the granddaddy of them all, Tokyo Disneyland. Whilst not technically located in Tokyo (it’s in nearby Chiba Prefecture) this theme park is fun for the whole family. The first Disney park to be built outside the United States is home to seven themed areas and a whole lot of fun. Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, the highlights include Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain. It also has its own unique rides like the Star Wars themed Star Tours and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. The park is especially famous for its night-time parades featuring various Disney characters, and seasonal events such as Halloween & Christmas. 

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