Writer: Watcharaphol Tiskratok

Hello! My name is Watcharaphol Tiskratok. You can call me “Bas”. I am Thai
dentist. I have been in Japan since 2018 to pursue my doctoral degree at Tohoku University, Sendai. When I have free time, I usually go to visit tourist attractive not only in Tohoku area but also the other parts in Japan. I really enjoy Japanese culture and food. Furthermore, everywhere that I go in Japan, I always take pictures to keep as gorgeous memories. Therefore, I would like to share my good memories and great experience in Japan. Please enjoy my article and my photo.

Mt. Omoshiroyama – Wonderful Autumn Foliage Along the Yamadera Temple Trail

Yamadera is the most famous temple on the mountain in Yamagata prefecture, most tourists come to visit in every season but Autumn is arguably the most spectacular. Only some people know the exclusive trail that starts from Omoshiroyama Station which is a local train station near Yamadera station called Omoshiroyama-Kogen.

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