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Fukushima's Hidden 850-Year-Old Temple: Shiramizu Amida-do

It's rare to find historical sites in Japan that haven't been reconstructed several times, much less ones that were built in 1160. Nestled away in a quiet suburban area of Fukushima's Iwaki City is Shiramizu Amida Temple, a simple wooden hall surrounded by carefully designed gardens and ponds. Beautiful in every season, the temple really shines in late autumn.

Kaiseki at the Japanese Alps

It is amazing how much the nature has to offer when you have the time, the energy and the wiling to connect with it. My recommendation: “Never waste those precious moments. Never”. Of course, after all these activities, I feel like I deserve the best of the meals. And here is where you get Kaiseki for dinner.

Koyo and the Maple Fairy in Shinrinkoen

Japanese look forward to the changing colors of autumn leaves with arguably the same admiration as they do cherry blossom each year with each region presenting its own festivals and event celebrating season. Musashi Kyūryō National Government Park, more commonly referred to as Shinrin Kōen, in Saitama prefecture is one of those, presenting a breathtaking night illumination and story of the forest.

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