Writer: Nina Kitamura

I currently live in Tokyo, though I have spent half of my life in other countries such as U.S., England and Australia because of my parents' work and attending universities.

All over the world, we see various cities with specific and unique cultures, of course. But, among those cities, Tokyo would be the most special one through my experiences.

Probably, offshore people might feel difficult to imagine our cosmopolitan city named Tokyo.

I would love to introduce our interesting culture from the perspective of both typical Japanese girls and foreigners who grew up and were educated outside.

My name is Nina Kitamura, please check out my articles. Thanks!!

Meiji Jingu and Other Shrines in Tokyo

One of my ways to relax while working really hard in Tokyo is going to shrines. I am an ambitious girl, so usually my schedule is occupied with working and studying. Besides, I don’t like to go together for drinking after work. Instead, I love going to shrines in Tokyo since as you know, the transportation system is fabulous so we can go anywhere easily.

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