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Kamiyaku: Chinese Tourists Go Treasure Hunting in Japan!

Recently, many Chinese tourists are visiting Japan. Japan is a popular destination in terms of sightseeing, food and shopping. I asked my friends who were classmates at my graduate school : “Why is Japan so attractive for Chinese tourists and what is the main purpose or interest?” They answered : "Of course, SHOPPING!!"

Many young Asian tourists are actually not so interested about Japanese heritage or classical culture like Mt. Fuji or Asakusa since we are relatively close in terms of location and culture, and therefore they rush in Tokyo for shopping.

As far as I know, Japanese cosmetics and drugs are tremendously and surprisingly popular in the Chinese market for both young and old generations. In fact, it seems that Chinese people call Japanese drugs kamiyaku (神薬), which means god of drugs !

Here is a list of some kamiyaku :

1. Netsusama Sheet from Kobayashi Ltd.


I also love this one, especially because Asian summer is so hot and humid. This helps us to cool down and stay comfortable. Even during studying or working, we can put this our head or neck to focus on our jobs.

2. EVE Painkillers


I also use this painkiller, it works well and it's cheap. My work is so hard, so I always keep this painkiller to heal my back pain, and additionally, it's gentle for the stomach.

3. Vitamin C from SS Seiyaku Ltd.


This medicine (which mainly consists of Vitamin C) is said to help whitening and delete spots on the skin caused by sunshine. It is very popular with women : Asian women tend to prefer white skin. Therefore, they love Japanese Whitening Cosmetics.

Umbrella is a necessary accessory in summer to keep the skin white. Photo : jamesjustin on Flickr

4. Sekkisei by KOSE

Yui Aragaki, a famous actress in Asia

Sekkisei, made by KOSE, is one of my favorite cosmetic brand : it is really effective for whitening. Also, the price is very reasonable.

Sekkisei is one of the hits from KOSE, partly because of Chinese buyers as well as Japanese buyers.

Furthermore, Yui Aragaki, a young Japanese actress and KOSE model, is loved by Chinese girls since her image is cute, clean and white.

Going through the hot and humid Japanese summer while we are working hard, we get help from kamiyaku. As China is a huge country, Chinese people really like to communicate with each other online. People exchange a lot of information through internet, and they know which are the best products - sometimes more than Japanese residents!

The last thing I have to mention is that the exchange rate and tax free system for tourists in Japan are quite advantageous to shop in Japan. Chinese people have been historically good at business... Why don’t you try to learn from their way of thinking? You might also find treasures in Japan.

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