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Meiji Jingu and Other Shrines in Tokyo

I have spent almost ten years in Tokyo, and I am a typical Asian girl, so therefore I have a preference for healthy things, mentally and physically.

One of my ways to relax while working really hard in Tokyo is going to shrines. I am an ambitious girl, so usually my schedule is occupied with working and studying. Besides, I have a lot of thoughtful friends, but I don’t like to go together for drinking after work. It is really exhausting and time consuming, and in my opinion, is a bad daily custom that damage our health.

Instead, I love going to shrines in Tokyo since as you know, the transportation system is fabulous so we can go anywhere  easily.

Here are the shrines I recommend in Tokyo. I honestly love these places.

1. Meiji Shrine


As you know, Meiji Shrine is located in the center of Tokyo in Shibuya.

Because of Tokyo's tremendously expensive real estate, you might be surprised to see very spacious places surrounded by woods. When I visit here, I feel that this is a nice walking place. Although it's in the middle of the city, because of the huge size, it is quiet and calm.

If you are lucky, you might see a wedding with Japanese traditional clothing. Brides are always beautiful.

Yes, I have to say this is a great spot!

2. Hie Shrine


Hie Shrine (Hie Jinja) is one of my favorite places. It's really mysterious and artistic with its red color. This shrine is also located in the center of Tokyo, in Nagatacho. Nearby Nagatacho, we have Japanese Congress. The popular area Akasaka is also close from Hie Shrine. Therefore, after you visit the shrine, you can relax in a bar in Akasaka since Tokyo summer is really hot and humid.

The reason I like Hie Shrine is because of its mysterious steps, and because it's not so huge compared to Meiji Shrine.

3. Tokyo Daijingu

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Tokyo Daijingu is located in Iidabashi. While this area is not so trendy for young Japanese girls compared to Harajuku, this shrine is extremely popular among young girls. In reality, I don’t know if it's true or not, but according to the rumor, if you pray there, you will find a nice boyfriend.

4. Kagurazaka Bisha Monten at Zenkoku-ji Temple


Bisha Monten is the god of war: I love their statues since the god's facial expression is full of anger. Sometimes, when I think that I cannot go through something, I often visit there to see their faces. Surprisingly,they always encourage me to overcome hardships.

You don’t need to go to Kyoto to enjoy fabulous shrines. Even in Tokyo, you can find many shrines that can encourage you to move forward and fight against hardships in your daily life.

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