Writer: Kathryn Spoor

Kathryn is a travel writer and videographer who has lived in Japan for almost a decade. She spends most of her time exploring and searching for the many overlooked treasures that Japan has to offer.

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Bagel & Bagel - New York Style Bagels in Japan

Western cuisine in Japan can sometimes be hit or miss. Although good there are times when it misses the mark leaving you feeling slightly unfulfilled. On the other time when western food is done well in Japan is can exceed expectations leaving you wanting more Bagel & Bagel is one of those places that you won't be able to get enough of!

Stepping Back in Time at Nishi Iwakuni Station

Japan is filled with many places that you wouldn’t think of visiting by simply hearing the name alone. Nishi Iwakuni Station is one of those places. Chances are you wouldn’t likely find yourself making a stop at Nishi Iwakuni Station during your travels through Iwakuni City unless it happened to be where your train was stopping on the way to another more notable destination. However, those who pass by this site are sure to miss out on experiencing a beautiful piece of history.

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