Pumpkin's Terrace: Something Different And Elegant Not Far From Hon Dori

Japan is known for many things one of which being its unique cuisine. Each year people from all over the world travel to Japan and find themselves enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants that serve up amazing Japanese style food. These restaurants aren't hard to find. In fact you can't throw a stone without hitting an amazing Japanese style restaurant. However, scattered between the shabu shabu, sushi bars and okonomiyaki are little places like Pumpkin Terrace that are easy to pass by but should not be ignored!


Pumpkin Terrace is best described using the words elegant, unique and intimate. The moderately sized restaurant is located just a short walk from the popular and well known Hon Dori and is a perfect stop for those who have spent the entire day strolling around the city. The very first thing that will catch your eye about Pumpkin Terrace once you walk through the front door is the atmosphere. The lights are low, the music is relaxing and you feel as though you've been transported out of Japan to a completely different place.


With a name like "Pumpkin Terrace" one might assume that pumpkins have made their way into the decor and onto the menu. That is exactly the case, but not in the way that you might expect. Although pumpkin terrace keeps with the pumpkin theme they do so very tastefully. For example beautiful custom artwork, featuring pumpkins of course, seems to dance across the walls adding a whimsical yet elegant feel to the restaurant. There is also the menu that incorporates pumpkin into delightful and tasty dishes.


With such a beautiful and inviting restaurant there needs to be a fantastic menu and Pumpkin Terrace doesn't disappoint. The selection at Pumpkin Terrace includes a little bit of something for everyone. There is Caesar salad, ratatouille, pasta and much more. There is also a selection of delicious meats, sausages and cheeses which can be enjoyed with one of their many wines. Although all of the dishes available are absolutely delicious the one that stands about above the rest is their pumpkin meatloaf.


There is no denying that this dish is unique and different. In fact Pumpkin Terrace uses it to draw in passers by with it highlighted on their menu outside. This dish, which is limited to 10 people per night, features an amazing meatloaf baked inside a pumpkin and served with a flavourful tomato sauce. The dish is not only beautiful to look at but is also bursting with flavour making it a must try if you're ever at this restaurant.


Having such an elegant and intimate setting Pumpkin Terrace is perfect for gatherings with friends, colleagues or even a date night with someone special. The prices are quite reasonable as well starting at around 400 yen per dish and steadily increasing with the most expensive dish coming in at around 1500 yen. There are also courses available starting at 3500 yen including some of the restaurants best dishes and free drinks.

With its convenient location, reasonable pricing and high quality cuisine how can anyone not stop in for a meal?

Make your reservations at http://pumpkins.jp (Website in Japanese)

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