Iwakuni Sports Park

Japan is a country known for using every inch of space available. This can often mean that homes are close together, buildings are tall and back yards are pretty much non-existent. However, that doesn't mean that Japan lacks lush green areas for people to enjoy. In fact Japan is practically overflowing with parks. One such park is located in Iwakuni City not far from the historic Kintaikyo. It's called Iwakuni Sports Park.

The Iwakuni Sports Park is a beautiful little getaway located on a hilltop in the part of Iwakuni City called Hirata. The location of the park gives visitors a fantastic view of the mountains on one side and the valley below on the other. Because it's tucked away the park is also a great way to spend a day out in the sun while also escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.


Aside from being an escape from the the city there are plenty of other reasons to consider visiting the Iwakuni Sports Park. Those who want to just enjoy being outdoors might consider a picnic. This is easy with the many picnic tables, covered and open air, that are available at the park. There are also plenty of wide open spaces to lay out a blanket for those looking for a more traditional picnic type experience. Families with younger children may also want to consider a visit for the playground equipment. Although it's not as spectacular as some other parks in Japan it's a great place to get some of that midday energy out before continuing on your adventures.


If picnics aren't your thing there are also a number of other reasons to visit the park. Those who have an interest in staying healthy, fit and active during your trip may be interested in the park as a destination and way to exercise a bit. There are walking paths, simple work-out stations and a variety of other options too. These options include tennis courts, archery, basketball, sumo and gate ball. Some of these facilities require prior reservation however others are open to the public and can be used freely.



For those who are interested in nature the park is also a great place to observe some bugs, birds, flowers and trees. Although each season has something unique to offer spring time is likely the best time for visiting the Iwakuni Sports Park. The trees, some of which are flowering, and endless rows of azaleas are a sight to be seen and the aroma that fills the air is not to be missed.



Those interested in visiting the park should consider when they feel would be best for them. Weekdays are a great time to visit the park if you're looking for a less than crowded place to lounge on a grassy field in the sun. On the other hand visiting on the weekends can be a bit more crowded but will give you a chance to experience a bit of the local community. It is on these days when the local schools, clubs, organizations and their families fill the park. You can watch sumo, archery and other sports that you otherwise wouldn't have the chance to experience.

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