Writer: Isaac Tait

Isaac has been a writer since he was old enough to spell. He hails from the United States but moved to Japan last year. His favorite pastimes are Tenkara fly-fishing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing (both on and off piste).

Rock Climbing at Jogasaki on the Izu Peninsula

Izu Peninsula is a relatively small landmass that juts out into the Pacific. It is a spectacularly beautiful and incredibly rugged landscape. Due to its tumultuous formation the area is rife with hot springs and a lot of rock formations. The coastline is covered in rock outcroppings, some are hundreds of meters tall, while others are much shorter. Some of the best rock in Izu Peninsula though can be found at Jogasaki, and because of this rock climbers flock from around the country to climb here.

Mount Ogusu Day Hiking

There are many mountains to hike on Miura Peninsula, from Futagoyama all the way down to Mount Fuji . However, Mount Ogusu is one of my favorites. Mount Ogusu is the highest point on Miura Peninsula and is set in a naturally beautiful location.

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