Mount Ogusu Day Hiking

There are many mountains to hike on Miura Peninsula, from Futagoyama (二子山) all the way down to Moun Fuji (富士山). However, Mount Ogusu (大楠山) is one of my favorites. Mount Ogusu is the highest point on Miura Peninsula and is set in a naturally beautiful location. There are several trails that ascend Mount Ogusu but the most scenic and enjoyable route starts close to Highway 134, in the city of Akiya (秋谷). The trail access point can be found along the banks of the Maedagawa (address 〒240-0105 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka 秋谷2丁目19−1)

#1 Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

The river has been the site of many habit restoration projects and is one of the only natural rivers on Miura Peninsula that hasn’t had its habitat decimated by dams, weirs, and logging, and construction. As you hike up beside the beautiful spring fed Maedagawa keep your eye out for eel, shrimp, and fish swimming in the numerous pools.

#1a Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

After about 1km leave the riverbed where the small foot bridge crosses the river. The trail to the summit of Mount Ogusu begins here. The trail gains elevation quickly as you leave the river valley. The stairs seem to stretch on without end, but after about 15 minutes of climbing the trail levels out a little and meanders through the dense undergrowth shaded by massive trees. Just before you reach the actual Ogusu summit you will emerge into an old garden that is being taken over slowly by nature. During the spring the wildflowers and cherry blossoms in this area are absolutely beautiful.

#2 Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

There is a weather station with a three story tall viewing platform here as well. While the views are obstructed somewhat by the trees it is worth it to make the small detour to climb to the top of the platform and explore the wild garden.

From the weather station it is only a few more minutes to the summit of Mount Ogusu. In total the hike to the summit is about 4km. The summit is dotted with radio towers, which kind of takes away the aesthetics of the area, but the views are spectacular nonetheless.

#3 Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

There is a very tall viewing platform accessed by a winding staircase that affords you unimpeded 360˚ views. On a clear day you can see Mount Fuji as well as nearly the entire length of the Miura Peninsula.

#4 Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

From the summit there are many trails that head off in different directions, if you have the time and are feeling adventurous they are worth exploring. Many temples, small creeks, and even a waterfall can be found in this area. Just follow your nose and have fun.

#5 Mt Ogusu-miru peninsula-Isaac Tait

There is a small café as well on the summit serving ramen and tea as well as various maps affixed to the wall next to the vending machines.


From JR Zushi Station, take Okusu Ashina South bound bus for about 20 minutes to the Maeda Bridge bus stop (前田橋バス停)

If you’re driving, there is a small trailhead parking lot with a bathroom near the Shogyoin Buddhist Temple (coordinates 35.239609, 139.608712).

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