A Trip to Joga Island

Visiting Joga Island, which is located at the southern most tip of Miura Peninsula, is an experience you will not soon forget. The island is a medley of the new, old, man-made, and natural – all compressed into one small, yet character filled, island. Numerous shrines, memorials, monuments, and even a Buddhist temple dot this small island. Make sure you bring your walking shoes and give yourself plenty of time to take in all the sites.


West Side

A vibrant collection of hotels, seafood restaurants, fish markets, and even a few local arts and crafts shops can be found on this side of the island. Minatoya (港屋) is a hotel right on the ocean that offers both a spectacular menu and a private onsen overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


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The staff at Maruka Service (まるかサービス) are both friendly and speak very good English. The Jogashima Lighthouse is also on this side of the island. While not as impressive as its sister light house, on the east side, there are rumors of friendly cats that call it home. Be sure to explore the side streets and back alleys, you never know what you’ll come across.


East Side

This side of the island features the beautiful manicured Jogashima Park. This park offers stunning views of Tokyo Bay and on a clear day you can see across to Chiba and Nokogiri Mountain.

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This side of the island also has raised viewing platforms that offer unfettered 360˚ views of the island. The photogenic white Awazaki lighthouse can also be found on this side of the island. If you are lucky you may be able to spot a few Cormorants and maybe even flying fish.

South Side

This side of the island is my favorite because it is natural and mostly untouched.




The footpath (that joins the east and west sides of the island) occasionally emerges from the thickets of bamboo and wildflowers to reveal stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean, sea cliffs, untouched beaches, armadas of fishing vessels, and the unending procession of cargo ships.


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The Umanose-Domon sea arch is also found on the south side of the island. Beautiful beaches and tide pools filled with all manner of aquatic creatures surround this impressive sea arch.


North Side

This is the populated side of the island with a collage of homes, fishing ports, marinas, and empty parking lots compressed into a geographically small area.



It is both charming and in stark contrast to the natural beauty that surrounds this small seaside enclave. There are a few beaches, flower gardens, and monuments tucked into out of sight places. While not nearly as impressive as the rest of this island you would be remiss to skip it entirely.


Access to the island is via the Jogashima Big Bridge, which requires a ¥100 toll to cross when traveling to the island. There is no charge when leaving the island (ETC pass and credit cards are not accepted). There are numerous parking lots on the island too. Hours and rates, for parking, vary by date and holidays; however all the lots are reasonably priced.

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