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Visiting Japan during baseball season would not be complete without going to a baseball game. I can promise you that even the most hard-core baseball fan back in the United States, doesn’t compare to baseball fans in Japan. To get a general idea of what a Japanese Baseball game is like - imagine hockey fans at a Stanley Cup game. Then, throw in cheerleaders from the Super Bowl and add in a few thousand-person band complete with a conductor for each team. Next, mix in a little sake, chu-hi, highballs, and beer, shake it all up, and put it inside an enclosed stadium - and you start to get the idea of what a baseball game is like in Japan.



In Japan you are allowed to bring outside beverages, including alcohol, into the stadium. Do keep in mind though that every convenience store within a mile or so of the stadium is going to be packed and the lines will be very long. So give yourself a little extra time if you’re going to stock up before the game. Also, once you get through security you will have to open all the beverages and pour them into paper cups (don’t worry they give you a lid, straw, and a cup holder).


Once the game starts, the chaos kicks into high gear. As mentioned earlier each team has a designated cheering section. The section is comprised of a few thousand people. They bring in drums, as well as an assortment of other instruments. As each team goes up to bat the cheering section tries to outdo the other teams cheering section in terms of noise made. They don’t let up either; in fact they get louder as the game progresses. The noise is absolutely deafening and is quite the spectacle to witness.



The food and beverages are an experience as well. Beautiful Japanese women run up and down the aisles wearing kegs strapped to their backs filled with beer, highballs, and whiskey! Even on the 9th inning they still have a smile on their face.
The food stands offer your typical baseball fare such as hotdogs, fried potato (french fries), and pizza. Of course this is Japan so if you want to get ramen, sushi, or even edamame they sell that as well.


“There are five professional baseball teams in the Tokyo region. The Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, Tokyo Yakult Swallows, Saitama Seibu Lions, Chiba Lotte Marines and Yokohama DeNA Baystars… The Tokyo Yomiuri Giants are Japan's most popular ball club and often attracts large crowds.” Check the link for more about the teams.


We saw the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants play the Hanshin Tigers at Tokyo Dome.


Address: 1 Chome-3-61 Koraku Bunkyo, Tokyo 112-0004.
Landmark: The Korakuen Station (just across the street)
Do keep in mind that the seats are on the small side. It’s best to leave the backpacks and large purses at home.

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