Kannonzaki Park in Kanagawa

While the urban sprawl of Tokyo is spectacular, sometimes you need a break from the chaos, crowds, and noise. While there are vestiges of nature to be found within Tokyo, for a true wilderness experience you will need to get out of the city. There are many places you could go, in close proximity to Tokyo, but one place you may have not considered is the city of Yokosuka. With a population of nearly 500,000 Yokosuka does not seem like a likely place to find untouched wild places. However, the costal hills and surrounding countryside around Yokosuka have numerous parks and preserves that are crisscrossed with trails, streams, and even a few waterfalls! One of these areas is Kannonzaki Park (観音崎公園).


Kannonzaki Park is located on the rocky Kannonzaki Cape, which juts out of Miura Peninsula into the great Tokyo Bay! The area features an extensive amount of free attractions that are sure to keep your entire family entertained. It is also a quiet sea-side paradise where you can spend the day exploring, soaking in the views, and breathing the sea air.


The park features a large network of trails to explore. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, as there are multiple map boards located throughout the park. In the middle of the park is a large grassy field dotted with flower gardens and an orchard. It is a popular picnic spot where you can enjoy the spectacular views of Sagami Bay and Mount Fuji. There is also a very impressive children’s playground, obstacle course, and even a 150m long slide that are sure to be a hit with the kids (and maybe even the grownups)!


The War Memorial is another must see, as is the “Sailors Adrift at Sea” sculpture.


When it is time to cool off head down to the two small but sandy beaches, a rarity on the Tokyo Bay side of Miura Peninsula. Furthermore, the area is littered with tidal pools - where you can spot hermit crabs, sea hares, and even a starfish or two if you are lucky.


Kannonzaki is the spot where Godzilla came up out of the ocean to terrorize Tokyo. His footprint has been saved to commemorate its infamous visit and is located right next to one of the sandy beaches. See if you can find it!

To round out the list of attractions there are two museums located within the park.

Kannonzaki Nature Museum

Official Website (Japanese)
4 Chome-1120 Kamoi
Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 239-0813
Adults ¥400
High School ¥300
Elementary ¥200
Children ¥100

Yokosuka Museum of Art

Official Website
4-1 Kamoi
Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 239-0813
Adult ¥310
High School ¥210

The park is located 4 km from Uraga Station. It is a short 15-minute bus ride on the 須25・堀25・浦3bus line. If you decide to drive there are four large parking lots located within the park. It costs ¥1400 to park on the weekends and ¥890 during the week. During the off-season it is free to park.


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