Tokyo Disneyland Popcorn - It’s NOT Just Popcorn!

Anyone visiting Tokyo Disney, whether it is land or sea, will notice the large number of popcorn stands throughout the parks. Popcorn isn’t just a popular snack in Disney, it’s much, much more!


Disneyland and Disneysea have approximately fifteen popcorn stands throughout the parks. Popcorn stand locations and flavors are even listed on the park maps!


Most popcorn stands have a unique flavor and sometimes a unique popcorn bucket available for purchase! Popcorn buckets are usually around 1,400YEN to 2,100YEN. Once purchased, one can get the bucket completely refilled for 520YEN. At first, this might not seem like a good deal (and for those who rarely eat the popcorn at the parks then it might not be). However, savings is realized for those who purchase frequently (for example to try all the unique flavors). The popcorn buckets are usually quite large, so for 520YEN one gets a lot of popcorn. Also, popcorn buckets can be brought back into the parks again and again, so more money will be saved over time. For those who aren’t big popcorn consumers, a regular box can be purchased for 310YEN.

Popcorn buckets are not just purchased for cheaper popcorn! Some buckets are exclusive to certain events, celebrations and areas of the parks, making them also a collector’s item! There are some buckets always available such as the green alien from Toy Story, Mickey or Donald, and Minnie. For each holiday or special event, new bucket designs are advertised on the online event page or in event fliers within the parks. This is often the number one reason popcorn enthusiasts travel back to Disney over and over again!


So what makes popcorn so popular in Tokyo Disney parks? The flavors of course! There are many unique and exciting flavors to try! In Tokyo Disneyland, curry popcorn can be found next to the Gazebo or Trading post, while honey can only be found by Pooh’s Hunny Hut! Other flavors include chocolate, strawberry, soy sauce and butter, salt and caramel!


Unique to Tokyo DisneySea is milk tea popcorn and corn soup! There are even special flavors of popcorn for holiday events such as white chocolate for Christmas time! Flavors are always changing, so each visit might result in new flavor discoveries! Black pepper and apple cinnamon are known to randomly appear. Jalapeno cheddar also makes an appearance from time to time.


So the next time Tokyo Disney is on the agenda, make sure to try all the exciting popcorn flavors! Also make sure to fill up the bucket before heading out, so it can be enjoyed on the ride home (or even for the next few days)! Can’t take any fresh popcorn along? Try the popcorn seasoning packets! Seasoning packets can be added to one’s own freshly popped popcorn!

For more information on Disney, special events and popcorn check out Tokyo Disney’s official website:

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