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Enjoy Sapporo for 1 Day in Winter

One of the places in Japan that have many exciting attractions in winter is Sapporo. If you want to see a really big pile of snow just on the side of the main street, you can!! And because there is a lot of snow in Hokkaido, this is where you have the chance to see the biggest snow festival in Japan, Sapporo Snow Festival!


Open your eyes and get rid of the curtain, the sun won’t bother you, and the majestic mountains will stun your eyes if you open the window. It is because Sapporo is surrounded by mountains and it makes the air really fresh compared to Tokyo or other big cities in Honshu (main island) area.

Use the subway to go to the central area. Buy a 1 day pass ticket for 830 yen and you can take the subway as much as you want around Sapporo! And if you go there on a weekend, you can buy the Donichika Ticket, a special ticket that is valid for Saturday and Sunday only and it cost 520 yen per day for unlimited use.

Get off in Odori park station and exit through Gate 35. Turn left at the first traffic light, then you can find the Nijo Market. Nijo Market is actually a fish market.


It can't be compared to the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo because it is small, but you can see the fresh big crabs originally from Hokkaido! They also sell a fresh Crab Soup that can warm your day : it's really delicious, and it's only 500 yen, which is really worth it.


With your full tummy, get on the train again and head to the chocolate factory’s park, Shiroikoibito Park in Miyanosawa. The park is less than 10 minutes walk from the station and you can’t miss the factory, because the banner is just so big!

Fee entrance for the park is free which is totally awesome! At first glance the park is like in the land of Alice in Wonderland! The park is surrounded with the castle of Shiroikoibito’s factory, and a lot of attractions and places perfect to take pictures.

After exploring the park and grabbing some chocolate souvenir, which is also the most famous chocolate in Hokkaido, go back to the central area to explore the Odori Park.


Again, get off in Odori Park station and go to the Sapporo Clock Tower. The clock tower itself is one of the oldest building in Sapporo. It used to be a church with the beautiful big bell at the top of the building. To get into the museum, you have to pay about 300 yen. You can also experience the sound of the bells' rings all over the world, through a machine on the first floor. On the second floor, with the little stage and lined long chairs, you can see that it really was a church. Here, you can relax a bit while seeing the movement of the bell on a monitor.


Go on to the north, near the Sapporo station, or actually you can take the train to Sapporo station, then go to the former Government Office Building of Hokkaido. This building is also known as the Red Brick or Akarenga building in Sapporo, and it was constructed in 1888. You can enter this building for free and explore the history of Hokkaido through the facilities inside the museum.


Lastly, the scenery of Sapporo at night is really relaxing. So, go to the Sapporo TV Tower in Odori Park. Actually, you can enjoy a nice dining experience and buy some souvenir on the 3rd floor so you don’t have to go all the way to the highest of 90m. And, that’s all packed for Sapporo in 1 day!!!

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