Roti Harapan: A Little Village Bread Shop in Hiroshima

I have a friend, Aki, whom I met in Indonesia when I enrolled in university in Indonesia. She lives in Fukuyama, Hiroshima to be precise. So then, when I visited Hiroshima, I called her.

About 2.5 hours from Hiroshima, there is a little village named Jinsekikogen, which is surround by mountains Mt. Hoshinoko and Mt. Ryuo, that makes the view from this village really stunning! If you seek quaint time in a peaceful village away from the city this place is the answer.

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Sanae, Aki’s mother once lived here. Nowadays, many young people have left the village and gone to the city seeking a better job and a better life. This occurs only in Japan, but in many countries around the world.

Jinsekikogen seemed to be falling off the track and unable to catch up with the changing world. It is the villagers themselves who had to do something to attract more people to come. One of the villagers Sanae, wanted to make the village come alive again, so then she established a little—actually big—bread shop and called it Roti Harapan.

It is an unusual name for Japanese people. Actually it’s named from the Indonesian Languange. “Roti” means “Bread” and “Harapan” means “Wishes”. So, this bread shop is the creation of its owner's wishes to make the village more active again.

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While in Jinsekikogen, you will soon find the shop because it’s located just in the middle of the village. With the unique shape of the building and the delicious aroma of the bread, you won’t have trouble finding this wonderful eatery.

This shop was built about 3 years ago, in a building that was once a farmer's warehouse. The really authentic and old building is not the only thing special about this bread shop. The warehouse is over 100 years old!

If you enter the shop, you can feel the vintage atmosphere inside while you enjoy your bread.  You can taste amazing different types of breads here. And the best part is the bread is made from organic ingredients! The aroma, the texture, and also the taste is all about the original flavour from organic ingredients.

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Even the yeast is special, its made from the raw yeast that is still active and fresh. You can feel the different freshness of the natural ingredients inside the breads at first bite. All is fresh and homemade! So, while eating the healthy bread you can enjoying the beautiful nature from the village.

This bread shop is open every Sunday but takes holiday from December to February due to the snow.

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The access is a little bit far from the city, but to get something that tasty and healthy, also to enjoy nature, it is really worth to try to go. Or, if you want it to be delivered? Yes, they can! And still, the bread tastes great!

You can go to their official website to know more.

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